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About Hungary

Hungary may be a small country of 10,000,000 million but it packs an awful lot within its borders. There is diversity in its landscape, which ranges from flat and grassy plains to lush peaks and valleys, and in its culture, which makes room for both traditional wood churches and vibrant modern nightclubs. This country is the birthplace of world-famous inventors, scientists, explorers, composers and sports stars. This is a place of variety, colour and passion.

The natural, cultural and historical riches to be experienced in Hungary are reflected
in its high concentration of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Budapest is a hive of top-class music and art, with one of the world’s best opera houses and a host of museums and galleries, while bustling festivals take place all over the country at all times of the year.

Studying in Hungary
With a population of over 10 million people Hungary is a modern and vibrant cultural country ideally located in the heart of Europe. Higher education in Hungary has a long tradition, its history dates back to the founding of the University of Pécs in 1367 by Louis I.

We offer high-standard programs in the fields of:

It is worth noting that Hungarian medical degrees are recognized by the World Health Organisation and all the degrees are automatically accepted in the European Union. The programs are run by highly qualified academic staff and the seminars are performed in small group sizes. In addition, all our universities are located either at the capital or at traditional university towns with lively international student communities. Last but not least, we offer competitive tuition fees combined with reasonable living costs.