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The Faculty of Health Sciences of Semmelweis University runs an optometry program with a duration of 4 years (240 credits) leading to a Bachelor of Science degree.

Optometrists are eye specialists with higher qualifications than opticians. Entry into this program is tied to prior optician certification. Optometrists - aided by an array of modern and traditional equipment - are able to recognize refraction errors based on their familiarity with the physiology of the eye. Based on the evaluation of the test results they can select the proper device needed to correct the condition and prepare and fit these devices. Besides restoring sharp vision, they are able to recognize early symptoms of diseases of the eye. Prior Optician Certification is a prerequisite of the enrolment. Major Curricular Components of the optometry program are: Sociology, Applied Psychology, Physiology of the Eye, Pathophysiology of the Eye, General and Clinical Ophthalmology, Physics and Geometry of Optics, Contactology, Materials and Technology of Optics Production, Marketing Skills, Workplace and Consumer Psychology and Consumer Law.
The applicants must hold an optician degree and complete a successful entrance test in ophthalmology.
After completing the course the graduates have the following future study options: SUFHC Health Care Management (B.Sc.) and  Health Care Education (M.Sc.). With a BSc in optometry there are numerous career opportunities such as working in Retail Stores, Population Screening Programs, Ophthalmatic Clinics or Contact Lens Laboratories.

For further details visit: http://english.sote.hu/education-highlights/faculty-of-health-sciences