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Entrance exams are held at the end of the academic year in Cyprus. The examination is conducted by accredited Hungarian professors of the universities


For Communication, Art history and Political Science majors: an essay assignment on general topics on these subjects.
For Business and Economics majors: an essay assignment on Mathematics (arithmetic and Basic Algebra)
For studio art: free hand drawing

For postgraduate students in Psychology (MA) an oral examination based on the discussion of Atkinson & Hilgard’s Introductionto Psychology by Smith, E. E., Nolen-Hoeksema, S., Fredrickson, B. L., Loftus, G. R., published by Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, Belmont, 2003 (14th edition).


There are 3 types of results: i) Students with excellent results are accepted directly, ii) below average students are rejected directly and iii) waiting list, they get a final answer on the end of July.


In case of: home acceptance, military service, death in the family the deposit of the university is refundable.