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Semmelweis University

With 152 Olympic champions Hungary has a potential for training and education. The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences (called TF in Hungarian) which is now part of the Semmelweis University is one of the two officially sponsored European training sites of the International Olympic Committee.

TF is the only Hungarian higher educational institution specialized in sport sciences and it has more than 75 years of experience and excellence. It was founded as an independent institution. Due to the reorganization of Hungarian higher education in 2000 the Hungarian University of Physical Education was merged with the Semmelweis Medical University.

The Campus of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences is located in the central Buda side of the capital. The educational facilities comprise of training halls, sport fields and a swimming pool. Within the campus there is a dormitory where international students can be accommodated, as well. Adjacent to the PE campus you can find the central Sport Hospital in Hungary.
Parallel to the Hungarian programs the Faculty offers accredited degree programs in English giving the opportunity to international students to study and complete their studies in an international environment. The first program, which was introduced in English, was the Physical Education Program in 1993 that was followed three years later by Human Kinesiology.

Physical Education
Physical Education and/or Coaching, a major, is a 3-year program (6 semesters) which awards Bachelor of Science Degree (B.Sc.) in Physical Education and/or Coaching followed by the 2-year Physical Education Master Degree Program after complete accreditation received.
The curriculum parallels the standard of most European Physical Education and Coaching programs. Within the full time courses students study natural, social and sport science, the technical and tactical features of various sports and their training methods with the appropriate theoretical background.
Graduates will be introduced to the basic principles of the human body function in childhood and adult age in physical education and in sport. In addition during 6 semesters, student will also participate and gain much valued experience in recreation and sport camps.
Students are required to take several examinations at the end of the course, to prepare a thesis which must be defended in front of an examination board. Studies are finished with a Comprehensive State Exam.
There is no entrance exams needed if there is a proof of knowledge of the English language and a physical test is made in Budapest at the end of August each year.  For application and any further details please contact us.
For further details visit: http://english.sote.hu/education-highlights/faculty-of-physical-education-and-sport-sciences-tf

Human Kinesiology

Human Kinesiology is a 3-year program (6 semesters) which awards Bachelor of Science Degree (B.Sc.) in Human Kinesiology followed by the 2-year Master Degree Program after complete accreditation received. This program is designed to provide students with basic education in human movement sciences. 
Graduates, according to the core curriculum, will acquire knowledge in movement and sport sciences, in health and some specified medical sciences. They will be able to analyze and apply the principles of human movement structure, as well as to collect and analyze scientific data of different movement activities and study their effects on human body and health.
Human Kinesiology deals with regulations and executions of human movements with motor learning, including brain functions, characteristics of mobility of disabled patients and persons needing prevention of health breakdown or those needing rehabilitation after injuries. Graduates will study scientific methods and how to write publications in the field of applied movement and sport sciences.
Education is closely associated with anatomy and physiology of movement system, pathology and patophysiology of movement disorders, physical activity and health of elderly, prevention of metabolic diseases including diabetes, rehabilitation of sport injuries, orthopedic and cardiopulmonary disorders.
Therefore, the qualifications can be used in medical and sport-orientated research laboratories, sport clubs, medical and rehabilitation clinics and higher education departments. Major fields in employment aimed at the preservation of health, prevention of diseases and restoration of health and rehabilitation of patients with chronic diseases by means of specified movement programs. Commercial areas are expanding: health tourism, fitness – wellness - health centers, insurance companies, industry dealing with technologies alleviating handicap mobility up to robotics.
For further information visit http://english.sote.hu/education-highlights/faculty-of-physical-education-and-sport-sciences-tf and contact us.