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The legal predecessor of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, established in 1787, was one of the first veterinary schools in Europe. Its aim is to train qualified veterinarians who can respond to constantly changing expectations. The Faculty has always been able to fulfil this mission excellently, because teaching, research, continuing education and consultation have always been considered inseparable within the Faculty's range of activities.
In 2001 the University opened the Large Animal Clinic in Üllő which was an important milestone in the fulfilment of the accreditation conditions of practical training as the clinic ranks among Europe's most modern large animal hospitals. After opening it, the patient flow doubled. Keeping the clinic in operation has resulted in significant improvement of veterinary students' practical training.
It is a five year doctoral program with an 11th semester of practical work at the Faculty Clinics and faculty-associated institutions. The degree granted by the university is recognized without any licensing examinations in all European Union countries (applies to the nationals of the member countries).
The applicants to the program must pass a written or an oral examination in Biology, Chemistry and English. Entrance exams are arranged in Cyprus at the end of the academic year. For further details contact us. For further information about the program visit: http://www.univet.hu