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Faculty of Health Sciences

Semmelweis University
The Faculty of Health Sciences was founded in 1975 with the mission of training  highly accomplished, skilled, committed and open minded health care professionals.This was the first school in Hungary that trained dietitians, health visitors, physiotherapists, public health and epidemiology inspectors, vocational teachers and ambulance officers.
Today, the faculty offers as many as 17 professions to the students. As a result of the integration process of the  Hungarian  higher education the Faculty of Health Sciences became an integrated part of Semmelweis University in 2000.

The physiotherapy program has duration of 4 years which lead to a Bachelor of Science. Physiotherapists are able to perform functional examinations of individuals and devise therapy or rehabilitation programs based on their evaluation. Furthermore, they are physically adapted at executing these plans and conducting a multitude of different physical activities in a sustained repetitive manner. However, the utility of their knowledge is not limited to just therapy or rehabilitation, as it is also applicable in the area of prevention and wellness.
The applicants must successfully complete a language aptitude test in English, and conduct a personal interview in the entrance exams which take place in Cyprus at the end of the academic year. For any further details do not hesitate to contact us.
The Faculty of Health Science offers also programs on Midwifery and Optometry in English subject to demand.
For further details visit: http://english.sote.hu/education-highlights/faculty-of-health-sciences