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Szeged University

The Faculty of Medicine is part of the Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical and Pharmaceutical Center. The medical program of the university it is recognized by the World Health Organization and it is accepted without any licensing examinations in all European Union countries (applies to the national of the member countries).

The program leading to the Doctor of Medicine degree, consist of six years: two years of general medical studies, three years of clinical studies and one year of a rotating internship. The international programs in Medicine started in 1984 in English, and in 1999 a German-language program was also introduced. In the past one and a half decades more than thousand international students were enrolled coming from 50 countries around the world.

The applicants to the program must pass a written and oral examination in Biology, Chemistry and English. Entrance exams are arranged in Cyprus at the end of the academic year. For further details contact us.